Something you may not have seen before. 

Gadget's FOAF

Cakes and Case in same terrarium 



Foaf birthed 6 finch seed cakes 11 days ago. The cakes were placed in a 20gal terrarium, 3 of the cakes were cased, the other three
were left as is.


20 gal terrarium was filled with strong mix of bleach water and soaked overnight. Terrarium was then emptied and dried.

Half inch layer of damp perlight was layed in bottom of terrarium. 

Half of terrarium was then covered in quarter inch of damp vermiculite. 

3 finch seed cakes were crumbled over the damp vermiculite

Crumbled cakes were covered with half an inch of 50/50 vermiculite/potting soil.

3 remaining cakes were placed directly on top of damp perlight.

All materials were sterilized prior to use by pressure cooking for 45mins.

This would be the 4th generation of Ryche's B+
It does appear that casing does cause a a few days worth of delay when compared to the cakes.

What Foaf is really sad about is if you look closly in the front view of the terrarium, you will see 6 or more pins formed between the case and the glass, most of which are going down instead of up Next time Foaf will cover the bottom edge with duct tape to keep the light away from the edge of the case....

Foaf had considered doing just one case from all 6 cakes, but caseing has never been succesfull in the past for foaf, so foaf wanted to have a back up plan, just in case.

Also foaf didn't have another terrrium handy, (read: foaf was to lazy/cheap to goto wal-mart and get one )

Plus foaf has read that you can't fruit cakes and cases in same enviroment, so foaf figured foaf would have to try it, so far so good. Next time foaf will do all 6 cakes as a single case and compare yields...

Last project, using only cakes of same type, yielded 3.5 dry grams/cake. Foaf will compare the results of this current crop and future
crops to have a definitive answer based on Foaf's own results instead of "hear-say"

Thought I would throw in a couple more recent pics that Foaf just sent me. Its amazing how fast these shrooms fruit. 

Foaf just gave me this one from the harvest, not bad for only 3 cased cakes, ehh? 
Ruler is in Inches: